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Somatic Tantric Bodywork

Sexual energy and creative energy are one and the same. It is what created humans, the universe and all within it.

In our modern world, we have been conditioned to feel guilt and shame around pleasure and sexuality. We may have trauma, whether sexual, emotional or through childbirth.  This causes blocks in the energy centres (chakras) which can lead to illnesses and imbalances in all areas of our lives.

It is our birth right to feel pleasure, bliss, abundance. To be connected to our bodies, to our hearts, to the cosmos.

Tantra helps us BE in the present, in our bodies, while being connected to the Divine. It is a return to LOVE, for our Self first and foremost. When we work to clear any energy blocks and allow the energy to flow freely, we allow ourselves to return to our true, powerful nature and start creating the life we want and deserve. Clearing sexual energy blocks isn't about physically or magically removing a ball of built up energy, it's about identifying any conditioning that prevents you from stepping in to your own sexual, creative power.

I specialise in embodiment sessions and trauma release for women. Tailoring your sessions for your needs, always with your comfort and healing in mind. These sessions are an investment in yourself, which is the best investment you can ever have! This is reflected in the prices and amount of time needed for booking. This is a beautiful, healing journey which cannot be rushed.

*Please note that this is deep emotional work, so this may activate what is known as a healing crisis. As you start to release old trauma and emotions, your physical body may also go through a detox period. I advise you to book in when you have plenty of time and space afterwards to allow the emotions to process and move through you. Self care and love is very important during this time, also support from people who understand the process.*

I am based in South Northampton, UK. Please contact me for further details.

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We will incorporate heart based connection through meditations, yoga poses, dynamic breathing, and a shadow walk through the chakras to identify any energy blockages causing dis-harmony in your body and life. I will hold a safe, non judgemental space for you to talk through and release any issues. 


Relaxation and Surrender

A relaxing, sensual full body massage will be given, working to move the energy throughout the body and chakras. Allowing yourself the precious time to surrender your mind, body and soul to the flow of life force energy.

I will work with you to focus on releasing energy blocks, with breathing and yoga techniques. Working up to manifesting your goals using your sexual, creative energy.


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Phone/WhatsApp: 07521422444

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