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About Me

Hello, I'm Kim. I am certified in Tantric Massage and Somatic Bioenergetic Bodywork with the Academy of Modern Tantra. I'm a fully insured member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists. 

My passion is to help woman reclaim their bodies, voices, Yoni's, their power and pleasure, and bring themselves back to life and Love. 

I am dedicated to learning and expanding my gifts so that I can guide women along the path, with me beside them.

I have a long history of working with people on a personal, one to one basis - always with the mindset of wanting to put people at ease and feel better about themselves.

My Journey......

I have always felt a pull for something deeper and truer than what society has built up. 

I suffered anxiety and panic attacks from an early age, after growing up in a pretty toxic household. I struggled with body image and weight issues as an young woman, being diagnosed with PCOS in my teens.

Ending my marriage, after realising how unaligned and repressed I was on a sexual, emotional and spiritual level, was the catalyst into my journey of Self. After dabbling with other energy healing modalities, I was guided down the Tantra path for my own healing. It was here that I discovered my own gift of being able to work as a Tantric, and now Shamanic, Bodyworker. After much self inquiry and beautiful guidance to gently peel back the layers, I discovered forgotten childhood sexual trauma, that I had buried deep in my body but it was time to release. This was a heart-breaking realisation, however it has given me the fire and focus to now help other women on their self healing journey. It is such an honour to be able to provide this service.

This path has supported me through career change, divorce, moving home, uncovering personal childhood and sexual trauma, loss and grief. It has helped increase my consciousness within myself and relationships with others, and of the world we live in. I am a happier and healthier woman, feeling more able to ride the waves of life. 

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